Teenage Pregnancy And Teenage Motherhood

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ESSAY TOPIC: Teenage pregnancy and teenage motherhood is a critical issue needing attention in South Africa (Jewkes, Morrell and Christofides, 2009). Teenage pregnancy is an occurrence that occurs in most countries, and so there is no difference between how teenagers understand their sexuality. Early marriage, the lack of education on safe sex, how young women are sexualised by the media, gender roles, and poverty are some of the factors increasing the rate of teenage mothers. Teenagers usually have less information about birth control and how to deal with peer pressure. A historical and cultural process is reflected in the way young people construct their sexuality socially. Early pregnancy in other countries is seen as a blessing as it is proof fertility. The socialisation and the development of norms regarding sexuality in young women are influenced by gender beliefs. In the construction of most heterosexual relationships, women often lack the power to negotiate with whom to have sex, as well as when and how (Gibson and Hardon 2005, Bhana et al. 2007). Human sexuality is complex, this essay will discuss teenage pregnancy and teenage motherhood by referring to the influence of teenage sexuality on the escalating occurrences. Development is a dynamic and changing process in which the individual and the environment interact, therefore, an individual cannot be understood in isolation from their environment. Social and cultural beliefs about gender roles have an effect

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