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Teenage Pregnancy among Refugees and Burmese Migrants One mainstream problem that is rising now and challenges to teenagers from refugees and Burmese migrants is pregnancy. This is a threat to teenagers and it is a barrier to the progress of their life. We need to focus on this current problem because they are the leaders of the future. In this essay, I want to discuss about (a) the reason why it is raising (b) how the consequences of conflict force them (c) how it impacts on teenagers. The rates of the teenage pregnancy increase because of the influences of mainstream cultures, a lack of knowledge about the risky sex, and the rapes. The main point of raising the rates in Thai-Burma border is Thai cultures that influences to them. Women Commission for refugee women and children observed that the specific fertility rate between ages of 15-20…show more content…
Moreover, alarmingly high frequencies of battles are linked and associated with the raise of teenage pregnancy. Then again, an inherent problem is the sexual trafficking. Traffickers, who cheat and get profit, send young girls and women to work from rural to urban areas. “It is estimated that 80 percent of the commercial sex workers populations of northern Thailand are Burmese, with 4,000 Burmese girls and women forced into Thailand’s sex industry each year” (WCRWC, 2006, p.32). So we can know that Sexual trafficking is also a resource of teenage pregnancies. Rapes and violence are usually happened and sends them to trouble life. So these are forcing them to early pregnant. “I would like more education in the future; I married when I was 14 and had to stop my education…” (A young women, as cited in Conflict and Health, 2015). It mentioned that they want more education for future but they already entered to dark

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