Eleanor And Park Analysis

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Eleanor and Park
Miranda Spitler
Rainbow Rowell

Eleanor & Park is a teen romance book. It deals with these two lovers named Eleanor and Park. The book takes place in Omaha, Nebraska, 1986. Eleanor is a “big boned” red head. She doesn’t have a lot of friends. Park is part Korean and isn’t popular. One day Eleanor goes on the bus and the seats were “full” so Park rudely says, “sit down” giving her a sign to sit with him. As days go on Eleanor sits with Park and eventually they start liking each other.

Eleanor doesn’t have a perfect life. Her step-dad is abusive to Eleanor’s mother and verbally abuses Eleanor about her weight. Park has a good life at home. But Park goes through an “emo” stage trying to
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‘What do you mean?’ ‘Your hands. They just look …’ He took her hand in both of his. ‘I don’t know … vulnerable.’ ‘Pipemaster,’ she whispered. ‘What?’ ‘That’s your superhero name. No, wait – the Piper. Like, “Time to pay the Piper!”’ He laughed and pulled at another curl” Page #137
I chose that passage because it uses imagery in showing their affection towards each other. Park starts talking about Eleanor’s gentle hands and she brings up a funny topic. Superhero names. She chooses the name Pipemaster and says, “Time to pay the Piper!” This immediately makes Park laugh. It causes Park to pull on one of Eleanor’s curls. This shows us how comfortable Park is towards Eleanor at this part of the book.

Passage 2: “Park went to the playground to play basketball after school. Just to kill time. But he couldn’t focus on the game – he kept looking up at the back of Eleanor’s house.” Page #182
I picked this passage because it talks about the feelings park has and how he is obsessing over her. Park goes to kill some time and has Eleanor on his mind. He couldn’t even focus on the game. Having a girl on his mind would distract him if he cared about her a lot. Guys now a days aren’t genuine. They play with girls’ feelings. But girls also play with the guys’ feelings
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She didn’t want anyone to hear. He was standing next to her and purposely bumping his backpack into her shoulder. ‘I told my mom that I might go over to a friend’s house after school.’ ‘You did?’ ‘Yeah, it doesn’t have to be today though. I don’t think she’ll change her mind.’ ‘No, today. Come over today.’ ‘Don’t you have to ask your mom?’ He shook his head. ‘She doesn’t care. I can even have girls in my room, if I keep the door open.’ ‘Girl-zzz? You’ve had enough girls in your room to require a ruling?’ ‘Oh, yeah,’ he said. ‘You know me.’ I don’t, she thought to herself, not really. Pages #223-224
I chose this passage because it shows the excitement of Park when he finds out Eleanor can go to his house. Park uses humor in this also. He implies that his mother doesn’t care if he has friends over. But if he has girls over he has to leave the door open. Eleanor comments that he has girls over all the time. So, Park jokes and replies with, “Oh, yeah, you know me.” Eleanor knows he was
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