Teenage Smoking Research Paper

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As the old saying goes “An apple a day keeps doctor away”. Meanwhile, smoking won’t help keep the doctor away but in fact, a cigarette a day keeps the doctor in pay. The government has been promoting and educating teens about the danger and the risk of smoking, World No Tobacco Day was also established to encourage people not to smoke, however, smoking among teenagers still seems to be an issue. According to the World Health Organization, there are about one-fifth of teens that aged 13-15 smokes worldwide. In view of this, it is believed that teenagers smoke is due to peer pressure, media influence and wrong perception about smoking.

One of the reasons of youth smoking is the influence of their friends. “A teen’s friends are a powerful influence”
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Smoking scene can be seen in different TV drama, movies and advertisement. In many movies, characters who smoke are often seem to portray to be attractive, successful and living a luxurious life (Tickle, Hull, Sargent, Dalton& Heatherton ,2006).Moreover, young smokers are often described to be more sexier, more rebellious and tougher than others that who don’t smoke(Dalton, Tickle, et al., 2002).For example, the movie “Love In A Puff”, which is about the love story between two smokers, where the leading male character are portrayed to be handsome and cool while the leading actress are portrayed to be attractive The movie contain many smoking scenes which the Mainland government planned to cut those scene before showing the movie to screen in order to prevent it from encouraging people to smoke. When teenagers watched these movies, they may not be mature to distinguish right from wrong. When smoking become acceptable in this society, the environment and the atmosphere may have exert an imperceptible influence on the teens. It may also be possible that adolescents who worship idols will imitate the actions of the idol. In the entertainment industry, there are quite amount of stars who smoke, such as, Edison Chen, Isabella Leong Lok-sze, Daniel Wu, Andy Lau Tak-wah, Korean pop singer G-dragon etc. Teens may imitate their idol’s action and try smoking. Therefore, it is suggested that the exposure of media may
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