Teenager Substance Abuse Essay

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Self-Destructive Behaviour Substance Abuse Substance Abuse is the excessive use of a drug such as alcohol or narcotics. When abusing a substance there is an inability to decrease your intake of the drug. This can become a daily intake of the substance. Teens in South Africa sometimes use harmful methods to intake their required drug. There many causes of substance abuse amongst teens in SA but the main ones are Depression and peer pressure. Teens experience and temporary high or wooziness during the intake of the drug. The long term effects on substance abuse are muscle fatigue, lung failure, kidney failure and brain damage and potentially cancer. Substance abuse plays a big role in death due to drunk driving and death due illusions created…show more content…
This type of behaviour is mainly caused by peer pressure in most young males and pressure from a romantic partner in most young females. Males ridicule each other on the bases of who has had sex, when they had it and with how many partners they had sex with. Teens start having sex at a very early age and sometimes with multiple partners, this increases their chances of having STDs and unwanted pregnancies. When female teens find themselves with an unwanted pregnancy they are more likely to do an illegal abortion because they are afraid to tell their parents about the pregnancy, they are pressure by their partner to do an abortion and since they can’t do a legal abortion without a parents concern they do it illegally. Illegal abortions lead to health problems in future and sometimes death due to the injuries sustained during the abortion. The contraction of diseases and unwanted pregnancy leads to suicide in many South African teens. To solve these problems we need to educate children at an early age the consequences of risky sexual behaviour, we need to tell teens living with HIV/AIDS that it is not a prison sentence that they can live a long and healthy life with treatment, we need to encourage teens to always use a condom whenever having sex no matter how much you love your partner “NO GLOVE NO
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