Teenagers And Teenage Drinking

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Everyday is a new beginning full of opportunities which entail decision making. Now, there are a multitude of choices that can be made, some smart, some quick, and the list goes on. However, when the question comes up about teens and drinking, the answers should always be smart - this is just not the case in most instances. Alcohol comes with consequences, regardless of age. The impact on lives is almost always negative, with the ability to ruin lives within just a few drinks. Teenagers and Alcohol are not supposed to be mixed for numerous reasons such as the detrimental impact on the young mind and body, lessened self control, and lowered academic performance.
The question that is frequently asked among teens who feel as if they want to experiment with alcohol is whether or not a safe form of alcohol exists. Contrary to popular belief in teen culture, no, there is not a ¨safe¨ form of alcohol. There is alcohol in every alcoholic drink, the amount of alcohol varies depending on the drink. The more one drinks, the more they will be impaired. There are countless types of alcohol including beer, wine, mixed drinks, vodka, and each of those contain different percentages of alcohol. Some examples of this would be as follows: ¨beer is between 3% and 5% alcohol; wine is about 12%; and liquor usually is about 40% alcohol¨ (WebMD). To put this into perspective, one beer has roughly the same percentage of alcohol as one glass of wine or one shot of hard liquor. There is also an
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