Teenagers Are Bad For Teenagers

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It has become a habit in recent years for people to assume that someone else is in the wrong, “Just because you are right, doesn 't mean, I am wrong. You just haven’t seen life from my side” (Anonymous). Everyone leads different lives that someone else will never know the struggle they have endured. Most people think of teenagers as liars, stealers, or these terrible people that are only looking for trouble. Most of these thoughts and ideas about us teenagers are completely false, but we still have to shoulder the burden of these words. As time passes school, parents, and stereotypes get worse and worse for teens ', making it the worst of times for them. To start off, we need to see and understand both sides of the story. It’s the best of times to be a teenager because it 's easier for a teenager to be heard through the use of electronics. Technology has forever changed teenagers, “Teenagers often are very self absorbed and even see themselves as the star in their own play or movie . . . . This phenomenon can manifest in feeling incredibly vulnerable and exposed . . . or in feeling special and invincible” (Stone n.pag.). Any teen can say whatever they want on social media, allowing them a greater freedom of speech than teenagers in the past. This makes them feel special or that they are on top of the world and nothing can knock them down. Second, Teenagers have it easy when it comes to punishments. Teens ' are punished by getting their phone taken away or having their
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