Teenagers Fighting Against Hitler Summary

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The article Teens fighting against Hitler by Lauren Tarshis, describes a young boy fighting for his life during the holocaust. Ben want to live a normal life surrounded by this family and friends. But him and his family were taken because we were Jewish, to the ghetto. So Ben went out to fight with the partisans against the Nazis. Then Ben survived the World War 2. During this times Ben came across a lot of challenges but was able to live through them with courage. At the end of World War 1, Hitler had turned most of Europe against the Jewish people for all of Europe 's problems. According to the text, “Eliminate the Jews,” Hitler proclaimed, “and you will eliminate all of Germany 's problems!” (7) Also, on page 7 the author said “...Germany 's leader, Adolf Hitler, is plotting the annihilation of Europe 's 9.5 million Jews.” That started the brutal holocaust and killing many innocent Jews. Ben faced several serious challenge during World War 2. One of the challenges are not being able to have the same laws the Nazis people to beliefs did, in the text it states, “Many Jewish-owned business were seized. Jews…show more content…
The author stated “Like many young people, Ben soon learned tricks for sneaking out of the ghetto to find food for his family.” This is courageous because this was took courage because if he got caught he would be shot on the spot. Also, the text states “Tens of thousands of people, including thousands of Jews, were fighting back against the Nazis” This take a lot of courage because this is corages because if you were caught fighting against the Nazis you would be killed. Lasstl, according to the text “Ben volunteered for dangerous missions blowing up cargo trains carrying supplies to German troops.” This take is very courageous because on these dangerous missions he could be killed or found and send to a labor camp being brutal
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