Teenagers In Shakespeare's 'Romeo And Juliet'

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Romeo and Juliet Essay Test

In the play It’s about two families who are enemies the families are the Montague 's and the Capulet 's and their offspring 's which happens to be Romeo and Juliet.It’s about two dumb teenagers who are very gullible after just one night of meeting they fall in love and goes crazy for love which leads to their death, but something good comes it finally ends their feud between their two families the Montague 's and the Capulet 's.
In this love story I don’t like how he use the play to describe teenagers and what he think of us and tried to define teenagers in this play. I thinks it’s very unfair because what he write about Teenagers and how he think we are and he actually belittles us and make it seems like we’re gullible and emotional and crazy for love, impulsive, small minded and I think he shouldn’t have the right to do that because I’m a teenager I never fell in love never killed myself over a guy and never will I never fell head over Heels for a guy like he mention and explain in the play. So I think he shouldn’t do that because He’s judging a book by it’s cover and you can’t do
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Friar Lawrence serves as the voice of moderation because He tells romeo and Juliet don’t rush love because love shouldn’t be rushed love should be patient and if you rush love horrible things will happen and they will happen because you rushed love and if you rush love you’ll make mistakes he is basically foreshadowing what will happen in the future.
In the love story of Romeo and Juliet they are both impulsive because romeo is very impulsive because he also make decisions without thinking of what may happen or the consequences and He does that when he crash the Capulet 's ball. And Juliet is also too she does the same thing example about her getting the potion from Friar Lawrence and didn’t make a plan and what will happen when she took it a day early. Also Mercutio shows it too an example is him trying to fight Tybalt and it showed how impulsive
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