Teenagers In Speak By Laurie Halse Anderson

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During the teenage period, the teenagers don’t have a fixed thought. They think differently than the oldest in age. It may be that teenagers in the same age have the same thoughts about life; it’s a difficult period of the lifetime. Peer and friends have an influence on the teenagers. Their peers teach and give bad advices to them. Some peers give pressure or influence other teenagers ,for instance, to drink and go to parties and do things that are not proper. It’s really similar to the “Speak” book and what Laurie Halse Anderson wants us to understand from her written book and how peer pressure affects teenagers. By reading this book, we can be more careful all the time and do not listen to peer. Peers had several ways that they pressure or influence Melinda Sordino’s life; they were talking to her all time and give her bad advice (Halse). They pressured her to go party, drink, dance and date someone (Halse). The worst things came from this peer pressure. I have an experience and I know how it could be through my friend’s story. Peers influenced my friend to not go school and be a school hater student, go to parties, and date someone. After her parents knew that, she got into much trouble from her parents and from her friends. She didn’t like school and she couldn’t have any friends over. This is called bullying, and she made all of her friends upset at her because she was talking to the boys that her friends like. I feel this experience is…show more content…
She also wants teenagers to talk to their family, or teachers about everything that is happening with them because they can help them. Don’t be mute. In conclusion, the author wanted the audience to know how bad pressure peer could be. Melinda had many obstacles in her after the peer pressure, but she ends it with
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