Teenagers In The 21st Century

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The social life of a teen in the 21st century has drastically changed compared to the 70’s, although some things do remain. It is still very popular for teens to go out and see movie at the theatre. This event has continued to be an attraction because of the success and development in movie making and the traditional activity of going to the cinema still being relevant in modern day society. The development of video games has increased tremendously since the 1970’s. Now gaming is a huge pass time for teens much like in the past however, it has become almost an addiction and the experience is very different. Sports have always been a big part of a teenager’s life and they will continue to be. Many teens even today, work hard at achieving their…show more content…
It is much more amusing to teens. Unlike reading a book, teens like gathering with their friends to watch movies and shows together. There were televisions in the 1970’s but the experience today is much different. It has become a much bigger and popular source of entertainment with programs such as Netflix taking over. Today when teenagers go out for a night, they are likely going to eat dinner or see a movie. Due to the influence of technology and social media, teens today do not have a physical social meet up spot like they did in the 70’s. In this decade, on a pleasant summer day, one would find many teens inside playing video games or on the internet. Besides the occasional waterpark or family vacation, a teenager’s go-to entertainment is their personal electronic devices. Activities like going on a bike ride does not appeal to teens anymore. Today, teenagers still enjoy sitting around with their friends, but instead of talking, they would have their mobile devices in their hand and barely make eye contact with each other. They do the same thing, talk about what is happening and gossip, only it is all through social media and…show more content…
For examples, one is only required to pass grade 12 to be eligible to apply to universities rather than the thirteenth grade; there is now no exemption from exams due to a mark in the course in fact, most exams are worth a large portion of one’s final grade. In the 21st century, if a teacher harmed a student in any way, it would be an investigation with police; this could result in the loss of his/her license or suspension. These actions were banned in the Toronto school board in 1971 however, in other areas it was not banned until 2004, by the Supreme Court of Canada. If a teacher must discipline a student, they will do so by either sending them to the principal’s office or handing out a detention. Corporal punishment in school is so highly frowned upon today, yet it was only legally not allowed in 2004. As teenagers today, who have not experienced these lifestyles, we do not become conscious of the fact that it was a closer reality than we may think. Dress codes are now either uniforms the school puts in place or a set of rules describing what is and is not appropriate. Teachers must also follow the dress code and enforce it. Usually nowadays the issue is with the girls and their short shorts or tank tops. Some believe the dress code is stricter, whereas other believe it gives more freedom compared to the 70’s. Technology has now advanced and no doubt improved the world of education. Today one can find

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