Essay On Online Problems

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Many teenagers nowadays enjoy spending their free time online, playing games or using social media. However some teens find themselves spending too much of their time online, which causes problems in their life outside their computer. Teens who spend the majority of their time online interact with most other people through the computer, limiting their real life social skills. Another problem facing teens online is that the easiest way to use a computer is sitting down, sometimes for long periods of time. A recent problem that has formed from online use is cyberbullying, which teens who spend most of their time online have a strong possibility of running into. Overall the biggest problems that frequent online users find themselves with include a lack of real life social skills, limited exercise, and the possibility of experiencing cyberbullying. Teenagers who spend most of their time online often avoid interactions with people in real life, making it difficult for them to develop important social skills. Social media has made it possible for teens to talk…show more content…
Some teens find the need to continually check their social media, and many others are addicted to online games. These teens may spend multiple hours a day sitting in one spot on the computer feeding into these addictions. This means that these teens who have these addictions often only have a limited amount of exercise, which can be very dangerous for their physical health. Obesity, carpal tunnel syndrome, and muscle aches are just a few of the physical consequences that teens who are addicted to online use can face. These teens will also have a greater chance of having physical problems, such as arthritis or diabetes, when they are older. Teens who do find they may be addicted to online use should try to find some time every day to avoid these problems, and live a healthier
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