Teenagers Should Be Convicted As Adults Essay

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Do you think teens should be convicted as adults? Many people might think that teens are not capable of committing any immense crimes. Teenagers believe that if they're not adults they won't be punished as an adult. They start by committing small crimes and go from there to more serious crimes. Juveniles should be convicted as adults for violent crimes because they know what they are doing. They should of thought what they were doing before they did it. In the article “Kids are Kids” the author says charge kids as adults when they commit a crime. Kids can. Also commit big crimes bigger than most adults. The teenagers know what they are doing they shouldn't say that they don't know what they were doing or they didn't know that what they did was a bad thing.…show more content…
If nobody puts a stop to the teenagers that are committing crimes than more and more teenagers are going to start committing crimes. When a teen doesnt get big punishment they believe it's okay to continue doing what they're doing. If you don't correct or point out they are doing something wrong then they will never fix it. Imagine living in a world with not so many teens committing crimes. It will be a better world to live in not only for the teens but also for the smaller kids they will have better role models. In conclusion teenagers should be treated like adults since they want to take adult decisions. Smaller kids know the difference between good and bad so teens should to. The world will be such a better place without all these teens getting in trouble. Teenagers should be going to school instead of being in jail everyday. If teens don't want to be in jail then they should be doing good things instead of bad things. They can also not go to jail they have to learn their lesson. So remember make sure you don't do any bad things unless you wanted to be convicted as
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