Teenagers Should Not Be Allowed In Prison Essay

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We have 15 and 16 year olds not able to drive cars, yet we will classify them as adults and lock them away in prison for life without parole. New aged teens have brains that are growing and developing constantly. In fact, in adolescence the brain does a lot of pruning, or rather throwing out information that is not being exercised, which consequently loses brain tissue in the areas that control impulses, self-control and risk-taking. Even with this considered, teens are given no mercy and will be locked away before they even finish puberty. However, many see certain crimes too punishable and do not wish to coddle a kid and let them get away with things such as murder. It may be best to lock up murderers, but we must take into consideration all the factors and what sentencing life to a new
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Look back into high school. Remember how you used to dress, how you used to act, who you would hang around, what you thought was funny. Look at yourself today. How much different is everything? As one grows older they will develop and figure out in the world what is right and wrong, whether it be from experience or being told. They will figure out as they grow who they truly are and what they want to be. Looking back on high school, how many mistakes were made just from being young and naive? What is truly vexing is that many teens that commit heinous crimes come from bad family life and could have been helped and deter from acting rashly and committing crimes. In many cases kids are victims of abuse and have tried getting help, but are ignored, resulting in death of family members. Teens feel like there is no other option to stop their abusers and their mind in a flurry decides something as bad as murder is the only way to end what is happening to them. The ones who ignored a child calling out for help should be in prison just as well, basically perpetuating this horrible murder scene to
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