Teenagers Should Start Later Essay

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Every weekday morning, teenagers everywhere are waking up exhausted. Teenagers from all over the country wake up in the morning, and the immediately want to fall back asleep. This could very easily be blamed on the teenagers for just being lazy, but the truth is, it’s not their fault. It has been scientifically proven that teenagers need more sleep than both adults and teenagers do. At this point in a teenager’s life, their internal body clock is not functioning properly. Their body clock is set different from the other age groups, such as adults and children. It’s proven that teenagers just naturally want to stay awake in the later hours of the night, and then sleep in later in the mornings. According to a National Sleep foundation poll, at least 28% of teenagers fall asleep in their first class of the day. Someone could argue that this just makes going to their first class a complete waste of time. Teenagers obviously cannot be learning if they are asleep! They also might find it very hard to focus if they are feeling so tired. If it is a struggle to stay awake for them, they may just be focusing on trying to stay awake, rather than trying to focus on…show more content…
These schools have said that letting students sleep in a little longer has worked out great! It has produced many success stories. Most of the schools’ attendance rates and grades started to go up after students were allowed to sleep in. In conclusion, schools should start at a more reasonable time for teenagers. Some students have to wake up as early as five o’ clock in the morning in order to get to school on time for class to start. Any school hour that starts before eight in the morning is just ridiculous. It could leave students feeling fatigued all day. It is much too exhausting for teenagers to start their day at seven
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