Teenagers Who Killed Hitler Analysis

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After reading Teens Who Fought Hitler, by Lauren Tarshis, describes that ben’s family had to go throw all these challenges to fight hitler and get out of there but they could not all the jew’s got shoved into a ghetto so ben got out and started to get food for his family so they would not starve to death

They had many challenges and historical background. First we are going to talk about historical background, One historical background “Germans were struggling since 1918, when it was defeated in world war 1.”
Pg (6). Another historical background is “In the day’s before world war 2, when cams were happy and comfortable,nobody could conceive of such horrors.”pg (7). The last historical background is “starting on october
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One reason that ben and jew’s had coreg was “They had to have Courage because ben had to survive hitler 's army trying not to die with his family.” this was challenging for them because They have courage for this because they have to face all this when they had nothing to do with because hitler threatened germans to fight with him or they will die so they had no choice, so they had to kill all those jews or they will be killed. Another reason that he and jew’s had Courage was ben found tunnels and holes that he had to dig to sneak out of the ghetto and when he was out there he learned tricks of his family to get food there were holes in the wall and tunnels that led to the other side, so his family would not starve to death with the very small portion of food they gave them.” this had to be challenging for ben because ben had to figure out how to get out and learn all the tricks so his family would not starve to death befor the war was over. The last reason that they had to have courage because “He also had Courage because they had to sleep in the sounds of gun shots every day they could not go a day without hearing gunshots.” and this was challenging for him because they had to hear gunshots and no one wants to hear gunshots so they had to deal with that till the war was over.

To conclude all of this conflict they have had to deal with many challenges that almost killed
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