Teenagers Work Can Have Downsides By Jerald G Bachman Summary

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The article,”Teenagers’ Work Can Have Downsides” written by Jerald G. Bachman, discusses many advantages and disadvantages of working as a teenager. Although, Bachman has good reasonings for both sides, teenagers should be able work. There are good outcomes that come from teenagers having a job, they can learn many useful skills that they can use in the future. They could be saving up money to help pay for college. Having a job can help students become more responsible. Along the way of working teens may learn some skill that can be useful in their future and in life in general. Some overall skills they may learn from having a job are learning to work with others and time management. Some teenagers are the type of people that spend a lot of…show more content…
I know that I definitely want to have a job at some point in my highschool career for that reason. I want to go to college and that is something that is very expensive. My parents would not be able to pay my whole college tuition so they money I would make from having a job would definitely help. In the article Bachman states, “Our own longitudinal research has shown that college completion rates are highest among those who worked 15 hours a week or less when they were high school senior.” Bachman is saying that students who work in their high school years have a high chance of completing college. This is another good outcome from having a job as a teenager.
For some students a job can help them learn more about responsibility. Having to handle the responsibility of a job and of school is a lot but it is achievable. There are many responsibilities that come with a job some being you have to arrive on time and learning to ask for help. If you do not arrive on time to your job there will be consequences. It is important to ask for help if you need it while working. If you do not understand what you are supposed it to it is better to ask for help then to do it wrong. Learning these responsibilities can be a big help in the

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