Depression Among Teenagers Essay

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A problem in relating to depression is that, it is difficult to analyze. It is not like other diseases like pneumonia that can see physical signs that can point to the condition. There are visible signs that are related to depression, but it is not always present or seen immediately. In today’s generation, depression is mainly felt by teenagers. It is important that people, especially who are close to the person who are experiencing depression, should know something about the disorder. Having knowledge about it can help people with depression. Depression is a mood disorder that leads to the damage of the physical and mental functions. Many teenagers have already committed suicide because of the severe depression. But some, at first it will…show more content…
When a teenager keeps on talking about what are the harmful things that may happen to them is one of the symptom. When a teenager is keeping something inside their mind and they are not letting it out, it will be hard for them to forget it. Depression increases the likelihood that individuals will subsequently experience various negative consequences. Being depressed, teenagers can impact negatively on various interpersonal relationships, decreasing to access the positive social support. Many depressed teenagers find that their minds continually return to the same unpleasant thoughts. Experiencing stressful events serves as triggers of the above risk factors, which then leads to an increased probability of becoming depressed. When teenagers experience negative events that happened in their life, they will not easily forget instead they will always think of it because it leaves a mark. If a teenager cannot remove it from their mind, they will tend to use some illegal drugs for them to forget it and may be worst they will commit suicide. Loss in interest in activities that were once enjoyed is also one of the symptoms. The teenagers will have difficulty in sleeping or for others over sleeping that can affect their physical growth. Teenagers are always having no energy to do something
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