Dystopian Society In The Giver

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Teens and the Dystopian Society Have you ever thought about living in a dystopian society. A dystopian society is being controlled by officials. This means that you are limited to the things that you can do alone. This wouldn’t affect some teens that live in a very strict environment, with strict parents. Some teens would want to get out of that kind of environment because they want to have a little more freedom. Some teens could get tired of being told what to do constantly or how to do something due to the environment they were raised in. In the film The Giver there are examples of how teens want to be independent, how independence can be helpful for teens, and how teens can relate to the film because of how the technology is similar to…show more content…
Teens really like technology because of what it can do for them that is why teens have really come to like the new dystopian society. Jonas decided to go cross the line so that all could be free including his little brother that he took with him. A drone is used to find Jonas before he crosses the line. One of his long friends was set out to find him but his friend let him go so they could have freedom just like the teens today. “ When people have the freedom to choose, they choose wrong. every single time.” This quote is basically saying that every time people get freedom they abuse it and do wrong. If someone trusts you enough to give you the freedom why do we abuse it all the time. If we abuse the trust someone has gave us we can lose are trust with the person. Teens can relate because sometimes they are given freedom and they mess up their chance because they make the wrong decisions. This also a good quote because teens can relate to the drone flying scene because there are drones in today’s society. Many teens have seen or even flown a drone themself. It can make a film more interesting to them if they can relate to it. As you can see teens have become more interested in the dystopian
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