Teens In Oscar Wilde's The Call Of The Wild

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Oscar Wilde, author of the book “The Picture of Dorian Grey”, declared, “The books the world calls ‘immoral’ are the books that show the world as it is”. Several parents have concerns that the book “The Call of the Wild” is too much for teenagers, and that is should not be a part of the high school curriculum. However, I believe that it is important for all teens to be exposed to the real world. In addition, most often teens have been exposed to, or at least heard about, many of the topics discussed in this classic book. Also, this story is timeless, and helps to teach students important lessons that will help them in the future. To begin, “The Call of the Wild” is considered, by many experts, to contain important literary value. Something you just can’t get anywhere else. Ross Holt explained, while describing the book “The Invisible Man” that was possibly going to be banned by a school district, that “It’s a modern classic. It has been a part of many high school and college curricula for many years”. It is almost offensive that a book that has helped to teach many a student important life lessons would be tossed to the side because it is…show more content…
In the synopsis of this book, it describes how the men “overload the sled, beat the dogs, and plan poorly”. Bad decision making is a common part of life. However, this story also shows human’s capability for evil. These men were were quick to put the dogs below them and treat them horribly. Later on, the summary says that, “of an original team of fourteen [dogs], only five are still alive when they limp into camp”. The dogs were resilient and never gave up. This is an important lesson for students to learn. It is easy to give up when something seems too hard. But this book is a great example of being strong in the face of adversary. Parents seem to think that this book is too violent, but it shows the world how it truly is, and that is an important

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