Teens Should Not Raise The Amount Of Hours Essay

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The American Association of Pediatrics should not raise the recommended amount of hours a teen should be on his or her phone. Scientists have done research to prove that children shouldn 't be over stimulated with 4 hours of technology. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends children and teens only use 2 hours of electronics. Scientist did research about a young child’s brain. They have noticed being over stimulated with technology is bad, especially before the age of 3. Another consequence of using too much technology are the side effects. One important side effect is when a person is talking on a phone the radio waves that would usually go to the phone can also get inside of the skull causing the brain to be affected in some way. A way it could be affected is by increasing the chance of getting brain cancer.…show more content…
The average time an american spends on electronics is 7.4 hours. Majority of the time is spent on phones. Some teens even create bad sleeping habits and lose sleep over their phones. The American Association of Pediatrics recommends children and teens should not look at screens or be near screen at least 1 hour before the child or teen goes to bed. Lastly, teachers and students have realised that the amount of homework that has been completed has gone down and the quality of a teens homework has also gone down. "I find it sad that I get more work done at 11 or 12:30 at night because that is when everyone else is asleep," said Chris Blandy, 18, a senior at Cherry Hill High School West. Although there are a lot of downfalls to technology, there are also benefits. One benifit is that students can use technology as a resource. Students can use online textbooks, articles and use the Internet for research. In conclusion, too much technology is bad for the teen’s brain and
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