Teens Who Fought Hitler Essay

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The article,“Teens Who Fought Hitler” by Lauren Tarshis, tells the story of a man named Ben a Jewish boy who lived during the Holocaust. Ben lived in Poland during a terrible time were Jewish people all over Europe were dying because of Germany 's leader Adolf Hitler. Ben had to face some challenges during this time and had courage for others around him and this essay will talk all about how he did these things. But first we need to talk about what was happening around this time.

This is after WWI when Germany 's leader Adolf Hitler was mad they lost the war. He thought it was because of the Jewish people. The article states that Adolf Hitler said, “eliminate the jews, and you will eliminate all of germany 's problems”. (6) The text also stated that jews were being murdered in gas chambers. (9) Finally the text said that the war ended in 1945. (10)
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In the text it said, “Some 400,000 Jews were crammed into the ghetto. Ben 's family moved into a small room. The gates into the ghetto closed. Nobody was allowed to leave”(8) This is a challenge because, when this happened you can’t leave to see your family, get food or do anything outside of the ghetto, you were trapped and not free. The text also stated, “One day Ben’s aunt told him about a Polish Partisan group in a forest 100 miles away. With his family 's blessing Ben snuck out and joined up”(9) This is also a challenge because, he can not see his family when he joined this group he has to fight for the Jewish peoples rights in Germany. The final challenge is, “He had to learn how to shoot, to fall asleep on the cold forest ground, to endure days in the rain-soaked clothing.”(9) This is also challenge because, it takes a long time to learn new things and to be good at them. Ben did not have a lot of time to learn this
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