Teens Working During High School Essay

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Every teen, at some point in their high school career crave money thus leading to the option of possibly working towards getting a job. There are some fair shares of some positives and negatives when it comes to teens working during high school. A teens performance during school might falter or they can be led down the wrong pathway. Teens shouldn’t be working during high school because it can only lead to them facing a situation where they might pick the wrong option and face consequences for it throughout their lifetime. The main problem I believe all working teens face is the effects it has on their academic performance. If a teen is working long hours their schedule is going to be everywhere and their main priority will be getting to work and doing their job. Most teens will try to focus on their performance at work rather than at school because of the money that comes along with the work. In the article Teenagers’ Work Can Have Downsides (Jerald G. Bachman) the author states the fact “high school students who work long hours in jobs during the school year tend to have poorer academic performance and are more likely to be involved in…show more content…
If a teen’s mindset is all work and no play, they might miss the fun that comes out of high school. When teens work long hours they’ll spend their time studying, working, and sleeping rather than enjoy their time as a high school student. They can miss any possible trips with friends, parties, school dances, etc., and let their childhood go to waste all because they wanted some extra cash to spend. A teen’s motive during high school should be to enjoy their time as a kid and achieve their lifelong aspirations, not chasing after a minimum wage paying job. To answer the question on whether teens should work, I’d say no, enjoy your life as a kid while you can and work when you actually have to because you can’t stay in high school
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