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The next best thing to having your own healthy, natural teeth is to have affordable dental implants.
A little history
Dental implants have improved dramatically over the decades but the idea isn't a new one. Archeologists have found evidence of dental implants as far back as 600 A.D. - with teeth being replaced by seashells, jade and even carved stones. Interestingly, some of these early implants were noted to be fused to the bone.

The science that lead to the discovery that certain materials can fuse to bone came about in the early 1950s. Dental implants were used initially for people who had lost all of their teeth and were not able to tolerate dentures.
First choice - standard of care
Oftentimes dental implants are the standard of
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It is common for the bone to deteriorate when it isn't being used to support your natural tooth or teeth. When your teeth are restored with dental implants, your natural bone is stimulated and bone loss is prevented.
Protect your remaining teeth
Placing a bridge to replace one or more missing teeth can damage your healthy teeth. A bridge requires support from remaining teeth and requires grinding of the teeth to be able to hold the appliance that is attached to the prosthetic tooth or teeth.

When there is an empty space in your mouth due to loss of teeth, your teeth shift and move as they try to fill the space. Dental implants are placed directly into the jawbone to replace the missing tooth and fill up that space. There is no negative impact to your remaining healthy teeth.
Why choose affordable dental implants
Dental implants are oftentimes the best treatment option for missing teeth. An affordable dental implant gives you a sturdy foundation and is the closest you can get to having natural teeth. You won't have to worry about smiling, eating or talking and you can once again have the bright smile that you've been missing. Talk to your dental professional to see if you could benefit from having an affordable dental

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