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Teeth Whitening Special Get ready to flash your smile this spring and summer with our teeth whitening special. You ever look at someone and think to yourself how you wish your teeth could be as white as their 's? We all get tooth envy from time to time. Did you know that your local Vancouver dentist provides teeth whitening services to achieve this goal? What sets us apart from other dentists in town, is that we are a team of five professional dentists with our own different strengths and expertise. This season we are focused on "spring cleaning", and promoting a teeth whitening special for all new patients that will carry on all the way until the end of summer. In order to jump start our teeth whitening special, we decided to ask the dentists…show more content…
Wilson: "Anyone with natural teeth is a candidate for whitening. Keep in mind if you have false teeth, crowns, veneers, composites, bridges, etc. those will not whiten." Which product is better? Any brand or in-store vs in-office or other options? Dr. Mark Fisher: "In-office whitening is most effective, but strips do work for mild whitening cases." Dr. Wilson: "There are hundreds are different whitening products on the market that are available to patients. We can essentially break them up into 4 different categories:" Take-home whitening trays and gel (dentist administered/controlled) In-office whitening w/ subsequent take home trays and gel (dentist administered/controlled) Over-the-counter whitening products available in a store or online Whitening clinics that are run by non-dentists in states where this is legal. Dr. Dinger: "I would say they all are effective and if you are patient, they will all work the same. But, you won’t get the same results with whitening toothpaste as you will with whitening gel. People like in-office whitening (lasers) because the result tends to be faster and more extreme as they walk out of the office – but keep in mind that supplemental gel is still needed (because the teeth are dehydrated and look whiter than they really

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