Tejano Religion And Ethnicity Summary

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Tejano Religion and Ethnicity, by Matovina timothy M., is a historic book that presents intensive research of the complex mesh of ethnic, religious, and political devotion in the development of the identity of Tejanos (Texas residents of Spanish) in the first decades of their interaction with Anglos in San Antonio. It was the first major Mexican population to be absorbed into the expanding Anglo-American empire. In 1821, San Antonio was a Mexican Catholic town of Mexico. In the same year, Mexico had just gained its independence from Spain. But the Tejanos in Texas gradually started to lose ground to the Anglo foreigners who were allowed to immigrate into their country. The Tejanos were overpowered to an Anglo-dominated establishment after Texas independence in 1836, underwent annexation to the United States in 1845, and in 1860 had become an ethnic Catholic minority in Texas. Matovina divided his book into five chapters. The first chapter in an introductory into the book. The next three chapter are in chronological…show more content…
He spent extensive amount of time on his research. He squeezed information from sources like a diary from a Texas volunteer who passed through San Antonio and eyewitness description of General Woll’s 1842 conquest of San Antonio. Matovina also used secondary sources using a numerous amount of books. Some including “Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986” and “Tejanos and Texas….. 1820-1850”. While giving the reader infinite amount of details, he still managed to paint a broad picture in the readers head of Tejano back in the mid-ninth century. In conclusion, Matovina's study demonstrates how theories of understanding the Tejano community. He was outstanding in teaching the editor about Tejano Religion and Ethnicity. He was able to paint a picture and explain how Tejano was in
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