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This concept was taken from module 7" TELEHEALTH”, sub topic 2" clinical and economic benefits".
Tele health is the delivery of health related services and information through telecommunication technologies. Healthcare is carried out as in a hospital setting but only that in this case it occurs over the phone. This care is carried out using telecommunication technologies like internet, skype, telephone, video conferencing. This could also involves healthcare providers discussing using telecommunication technologies for the good of their patients. Tele health is an expansion of telemedicine and it comprises of preventive, promotive and curative aspect of medicine.
Tele health was developed due to poor distribution of healthcare
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Services like health education, advice, reminders especially in complying with treatment, monitoring, remote admissions and also distance learning between healthcare providers.
Tele health allows multiple, different disciplines to merge and deliver a much more uniform level of care using the efficiency and accessibility of everyday technology. As tele health proliferates mainstream healthcare and challenges notions of traditional healthcare delivery, different populations are starting to experience better quality, access and personalized care in their lives
Distance education including continuing medical education, grand rounds, and patient education is made possible due to tele health. It is also used to carryout administrative activities and also presentation are carried out using tele health.
Tele health have helped in increasing the efforts of health promotion. Healthcare providers can extend their care to a large number of people with the use of tele health. They can take this care to different homes and teach families on how to maintain good health and this families in return will have the opportunity of asking questions about their health issues freely and gain new information with regards to
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There is also real time method of tele health, there are web consults which can be either via audio or video calls. In tele health peripheral devices can be used in administering care and sometimes care can be carried out without this devices.
Tele health can be used in home health care, nursing homes, hospital consultations, prison settings, intensive care unit monitoring, ambulatory care, can be used for mentoring and also health

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