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In this letter you will discover the pros and cons of the Telehealth Promotion Act of 2012. Undoubtedly telehealth is a fast growing healthcare service. Telehealth has the means to provide healthcare services to millions of patients, not only in the United Stated, but across the world as well. As the year’s progress, so does the progression and advancement of technology. Technology is used heavily in the healthcare field. Healthcare providers are able to use these advancements in technology to provide healthcare services to patients from a distance. This provide ease of access and flexibility to patients. Telehealth services compared to in-person visits, has the potential to save millions of dollars (Kvedar, 2014). However, there are quite…show more content…
In order to preserve safety and quality of care there should be some revisions. These revisions include creating more stipulations on types of patients who are eligible to receive telehealth services. For example, patients who suffer life threatening illnesses, or who are not managing their conditions efficiently should not be able to receive services such as video visits. Another revision should be limiting the types of telehealth services allowed in South Carolina. Video visits for general visits should be prohibited. This can create an increase in readmitting patients as well as cost. For example, a patient being seen via e-visit may be treated for a urinary tract infection, but in actuality they may be suffering from something else causing the patient to be delayed the appropriate care. (Kvedar, 2014). These revisions can aid in saving money and ensuring all patients receive the appropriate care. Having your support on this matter can allow for great change not only for the state of South Carolina, but also for the entire United States. All points discussed can be reviewed in the article titled, “For Telehealth Patient Safety Insists an Evolution in Policy” by J. Kvedar, on

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