Telehealth Research Paper

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Clinician Acceptance Leading to Sustainable use of Telehealth Services Abstract: Purpose: Telehealth which is considered to be promising is facing barriers towards its uptake and sustainable use. While many barriers include less demand, inadequate technology, workforce pressure, the study conducted proposes a single factor which is limiting the uptake and sustainability of telehealth. Which is the factor that influence the uptake and sustainable use of telehealth? How does the study propose the key factor using evidence and model to support its viewpoint and how does it link to other factors while showing its dominance over the other factors? Design/Methodology/Approach: Review of published article on ‘Qualitative Health Research’ Journal Findings: The study proposes that ‘Clinical Acceptance’, is the key factor contributing to sustainable use of Telehealth service using grounded theory. Introduction:…show more content…
It supports patient-physician health related education, public health administration, makes healthcare accessible to rural areas and supplies specialist service to the deprived areas. The modes of telehealth transmission include: stored-forward, real time, remote monitoring, e-consultation etc. Telehealth is considered to be very promising, however, evidence shows that expectations of it being very promising did not match reality. From various studies conducted, it was concluded that telehealth has low acceptance among clinicians and also suggested that it is not sustainable (no predictable threat to their ongoing operations) in nature. Thus, the researchers inspected the difficulties related to telehealth implementation.[1] To further understand, the researcher studied two aspects. One of the aspect is enablers- enabling factors that facilitate the use of telehealth and the barriers to the use of
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