Telekom Malaysia Swot Analysis

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Telekom Malaysia Berhad is a public company in Malaysia. This company is founded from 1984. The headquarters of Telekom Malaysia is at Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. Telekom Malaysia is a company which provide the telecommunication services for people. There is a slogan of Telekom Malaysia is “Merintis Kemungkinan”. Telekom Malaysia has over 27000 employees and over 2.2 million broadband customers. Telekom Malaysia has been established as the Telecommunications Department in 1946, and it is privatized in 1987. Telekom Malaysia has separated its mobile telecommunications services from main business to focus more on Telekom Malaysia’s core fixed line telecommunications business. The first time of Telekom Malaysia to introduce the broad band services is in 2001, TM net is established as the largest Internet Service provider in the South-East Asia region and launching Blue Until 2003, Telekom Malaysia’s TMTouch was merged with Celcom which has become the largest cellular operator of Malaysia.2005, TM Company has introduced the 3G services in Malaysia, the company also acquire 27.3% interest in Indonesia. In 2006, TM Company forged a strategic partnership with Vodafone, so it has became a Vodafone Partner Network with a global reach of an estimated 179 million customers worldwide. The second…show more content…
This is because there are so many large and potential companies in Malaysia that fulfilled the qualification that we needed. After some rounds of serious discussing we have narrow the list down to a few companies such as Digi, Celcom, Telekom Malaysia and Maxis. We decided to choose telecommunication service providers companies because nowadays it considered a must for most teenagers. They provide us with a mean of communicating with people far away from us. After a few rounds of serious discussion and debating we unanimously accept Telekom Malaysia as our interview

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