Telemachus Alive In The Odyssey

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I believe Odysseus is alive. I believe my son, Telemachus is angry with the destruction in our home and won 't be able to stand for it much longer. I believe my power in my own home has been taken from me and there is nothing I can do about it.

I love Odysseus. I love him so much that I know he must be alive. I refuse to believe anything else. Everyone wants me to marry one of my suitors but I cannot. I told them that I will weave a shroud and when I finish I will choose a man to marry, but I had been stalling. I would weave during the day but every night I would undo my progress. I told them, " 'Young men, my suitors, now my lord is dead, let me finish my weaving before I marry, or else my thread will have been spun in vain" (Homer 726). I had been doing
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Almost more impatient however is my son, Telemachus. He misses his father dearly and is furious at the suitors for disrespecting me as well as Odysseus 's honor in his own home. He said that "the men are eating through all they have, courting his mother, and using his house as if it were theirs to wreck and plunder" (Homer 723). He has left on a mission to find his lost father. I was angry that he went behind my back but even more so, I worry for his safety.

Oh, how I wish Odysseus would return. I know that if he did, he would defeat those vexatious suitors once and for all. Antinous is the worst. He is the leader and because of that, he is the cruelest and most arrogant. I wish him all the pain and suffering in the world, but I wish for Odysseus more. All I can do is stay home and grieve. " 'At home indeed your mother is, poor lady still in the women 's hall. Her nights and days are wearied out with grieving" (Homer 772). I cannot do anything about it. I have no power here.

Now I believe there is still hope. After twenty years my husband has finally returned and I know we can become a family once again. The suitors have been defeated and I believe our lives can somehow go back to the way they were. This I
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