Telemachus Change In The Odyssey

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It was thought only planaria can regrow their spines, however, it turns out that some humans can also perform this feat. This was done by a hero back in the times of the ancient Greeks. Telemachus, the protagonist of Telechamy (the first four books of The Odyssey by Homer), is introduced as a victim for the vultures and finished at the end of the fourth book as a confident prince. This was all because of the help and advice given by of Athena, the goddess of wisdom, into Telemachus’ sedentary life. Telemachus’ metamorphosis from an idle coward to an accomplishing hero was all due to the efforts of Athena’s encouragement. She was able to change of Telemachus’ personality because of her encouragements and helpful deeds, and that led him to accomplish…show more content…
Right after the visit from Athena in the form of Mentes, he surprises his mom with his new-found confidence. He orders her, “ ‘mother,/ go back to your quarters. Tend to your own tasks,/…. As for giving orders,/ men will see to that, but I most of all:/ I hold the reins of power in the house’ ” (Homer. 1. 409- 414). This is a drastic change in Telemachus’ personality, and his mother is one of the first people to be astonished by what he will continue to accomplish due to Athena. With one problem solved, he sets off to resolve the next. Telemachus releases his pent-up testosterone to take care of a problem that he should have dealt with a while ago, the suitors. “Suitors plague my mother-against her will-/… By god, it’s intolerable, what they do-disgrace,/ my house a shambles!” (Homer. 2. 55- 68) is an excerpt from Telemachus’ speech to rid the suitors. He literally tells the suitors that they are leeches and they lack the guts to properly ask for his mother’s hand in marriage by asking her father. The change is obvious in Telemachus, and every great feat he accomplishes shows his resemblance to Odysseus. Athena’s talk with Telemachus has a profound effect on him, with him displaying the results just right after
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