Character Of Telemachus In Odysseus Of Homer's Odyssey

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. Telemachus was longing for his father and wanting his mother’s suitors away, thus, Athena, disturbed, came up with a shrewd plan, and advised him. Athena told Telemachus to, at daybreak, order his mother’s suitors away to their homes. Subsequently, Telemachus had to hold an assembly, with gods to witness the happening. After making his complaint, Telemachus would sail on a boat abroad in search for news of his father, Odysseus. He, afterwards, should meet Nestor, King of Pelyos, then he should be headed to the red headed king of Sparta, Menelaus, who was the last man to arrive back from all the Achaeans. There, he must learn if Odysseus is still alive or not. If alive, Telemachus should bear a year and wait for his return, however, if Odysseus…show more content…
“…Like Father, like Son”. Telemachus, son of Odysseus, proved to have a developed character of his own, however, as more words are read, the reader comes to realize that, by time, Telemachus comes of age and matures with the aid of Athena. In the beginning of the story, Telemachus is too young to rule his father’s kingdom, thus his mom has to wed once again. Though his suitors had egocentric intentions, Telemachus felt as if he could not do anything about it. “Quietly, Telemachus goes home and again bears the mockery of the suitors.” (Epic Visit to Nestor, page 727). He did not prove to be courageous to stand in public and make his complaints, until Athena came along and gave Telemachus a needed nudge to store enough confidence within him. Furthermore, before Atehna’s presence by his side, a weakness Telemachus held was that he allowed the suitors to mock and mistreat him, however, though Telemachus holds many inescapable and severe imperfections, he is a man of much strength as well. He is loyal, honest, brave, and devoted. Telemachus, through his actions and doings, proved to be beyond determined and devoted to hold on to his father’s belongings and kingdom and to save his mother from marrying one of the arrogant suitors with harmfully egocentric intentions. When Telemachus arrives to Nestor, in search of answers, he abruptly became timid and hesitant toward going to the king Nestor himself and questioning him, which proving Telemachus’ weak personality and lack of confidence. “Telemachus hung back in disembarking…. ‘Not the least shyness now…’ ” (Epic The Visit to Nestor, page 727). As one can see, Telemachus, a brave and honest young man, with his father as an idol to look up to, matures over time and becomes more confident with the help of Athena. Nevertheless, Telemachus, though has many strengths, has many flaws and weaknesses as well, yet he tries to surmount
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