Telemachus Journey To Maturity In Homer's Odyssey

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Journey to Maturity The Odyssey by Homer recognizes the importance of maturity throughout the epic poem, applied from Telemachus, as he grows from a weak, scared boy to a strong, responsible man who develops newly found skills, overcomes various obstacles, and reflects on his need to approach his problems as Homer showcases Telemachus as a prime example of maturation as he finds his father and fights alongside him to slay the suitors. Telemachus expresses maturation by achieving his goals, learning from his mistakes and experiences, taking risks, being strong, courageous, and confident, as well as enduring hardship to claim honor in the end. Telemachus trains to achieve his goal of finding his father. He matures with the help of many characters …show more content…

As Athena assists him, he listens attentively and becomes driven in his actions. Telemachus first visits King Nestor. The first stop did not give Telemachus the answer he was looking for, but being the new eager and strived person Telemachus has become, he continues his journey by going to see Menelaus. Telemachus insists Menelaus to be truthful and exclaims, “Spare me no part of kindness’ sake; be harsh; but put the scene before me as you saw it” (Homer IV. 351-352). He displayed himself to Menelaus as a strong, courageous man as he asks for a real and honest answer that he was prepared to hear. The visit helped Telemachus mature because it was a moment where he had to be responsible and not expect for things to change by …show more content…

In his journey, he gets help from Athena and wise knowledge from Menelaus. He takes risks, shows strength, confidence, and responsibility towards the end as he fights alongside his father. After enduring hardships and overcoming obstacles, Telemachus evidently matured into a man who made his father

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