Telemachus Transformation In The Odyssey

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In The Odyssey, many tribulations of conquest and vital society transformations take place. Homer included Odysseus’ son, Telemachus, in the epic poem to represent the disintegration of innocence through the will of courage. Also, throughout Telemachus’ hardships, the insights he obtained aided him to becoming more aware of his surroundings and guided him toward true wisdom. During Telemachus’ childhood, his absent father led him to accepting his fate of the suitors overrunning his home (pg. 190). As time went on, the older Telemachus became, the more he realized how much the suitors really did affect him and his mother. The suitors showed destructive behavior, Telemachus said “slaughtering our oxen and sheep and fat goats… we’ve lost almost everything, because we don’t have Odysseus to protect our home.” Through bearing the pain that the suitors have inflicted upon Telemachus and his family, putting on a bigger pair of pants became Telemachus’ objective. Conjuring up courage gifted to him through Athena (pg. 185), he was able to submit into his secure mold. As Athena was parting from Telemachus, “she put courage in Telemachus’ heart and made him think of his father even more than before”, gifting him with courage caused him to speak out and…show more content…
For the entirety of his life, Telemachus longed to acquire his father’s acceptance and desired that his mother be at a healthy state of mind. As problematic as his negative emotions were leading him, he also had the suitors antics to sort out. Ridding his life of any opposing entities, such as the suitors and overcoming his fear of not speaking his voice, Telemachus became the grown courageous man his fate set him apart to become. Through not living the typical childhood any other child would have, Telemachus in his unique way, became a tragic hero’s sidekick. Consequently, by living his life according to his destiny, Telemachus became a wiser, informed, and honorable
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