Advantages Of Telemedicine

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Background of Problem
Telemedicine is not just an advanced solution that improves treatment. It is also the fastest way to improve the quality of patient care and to reduce waiting time for consultations. It also facilitates communication within hospitals by providing inter-departmental consultations without having to move between departments as well as communications between hospitals. The development of telemedicine provides better and more efficient patient care and a chance for hospitals to optimize costs and modernize their current operations and crowding Emergency Department. Patients undergoing teleconsultation are more likely to have a quick diagnosis and treatment in case of complications. Telemedicine can primarily improve the quality
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And although it offers the possibility of faster treatment, it has more potential for misdiagnosis and over-confidence. The progress of learning, however, cannot be stopped, so the computer can be used as a great tool, a base for medical intuition, flexibility and intelligence.
Among the many advantages of telemedicine are:
- avoiding the situations when you need to repeat your research for the second time if you change the hospital during the course of treatment,
- the possibility of connecting an ambulance staffing with specialists who provide specialist telephonic advice(videophones) thus ensuring proper referral to the patient.
- the possibility of taking care of the growing population of old people who need immediate medical intervention and regular monitoring of their state of
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Available through the network at any time data, allow you to organize your work in a convenient way for the doctors, eg study description can take place at any time through the network even at home. Modern solutions allow each expert to express his opinion on the basis of available data in a convenient place and time.
• the ability to deliver more benefits to a specified number of staff, for example through the use of
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