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Chapter Proposal

Title: Mobile Telemedicine Systems for Remote Patient’s Chronic Wound Monitoring

Mission and Major Concerns:

This chapter describes the implementation of a telemedicine system for patient’s chronic wound monitoring using smart phone. Smart phone has been recognized as a possible tool for telemedicine. In fact, the mobile telephony has been providing a lot of offers new devices with some useful resources like serial ports and Internet connections. This system proved to be quick and reliable.

Chronic wounds have become a big challenge in medical health care problem globally. The skin is an incredible organ often known as "the largest organ of the human body" as it stretches throughout all the body parts. A wound is defined
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The main aim is to provide expert based medical care service to any place that health care is needed for promoting wound healing. A Telemedicine system offers reliable and accurate diagnostic services to patients at affordable prices. Crisis of good medical doctors, nurses, clinics or hospitals and expensive expenditure incurred during medical treatment, increase the seriousness of the problem. Due to unavailability of these factors the Telemedicine is needed to collect the vital patient’s information remotely through computer added diagnostics and or high resolution camera based portable smart phone. Chronic wound problem is a serious issue, it can be solved using digital platform like smart phone, and remote patient’s become benefited. The main goals of telemedicine are improve access to health care facility for rural areas, gives clinicians better accessibility to tertiary consultation, give clinicians access to conduct remote examinations respectively, improving patient care, reduce health-care costs and reduce patient transfers to secondary and tertiary care centers…show more content…
When tele-medical agents return to a medical health information exchange TMH where Internet is available, the collected local information will be forwarded to a web-based multi-specialty telemedicine service. Appropriate returning messages will be routed to local providers through physical delivery to ensure information integrity. Phone calls or text messaging will be used only during a medical emergency. With lessons learned from this field study, we will establish a workable model of health information exchange and telemedicine to connect rural patients with medical services available only in the cities. A medical imaging system is used in the telemedicine system for capturing wound images of a patient’s skin. The practice of tele-dermatology requires high resolution and properly illuminated color images and video. Choosing appropriate wound image quality for telemedicine is important to ensure accurate diagnoses on the part of the clinicians, while keeping network traffic down. Telemedicine systems are broadly categories in two type’s i.e. real-time telemedicine system and store-and-forward approach respectively. In the real-time mode, the clinician is present during the capture process through a videoconferencing system and streaming live data can be send to TMH. The store-and-forward approach in telemedicine system consists of a tele-medical agent capturing patient

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