Telencephalon Research Paper

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Divisions of the Telencephalon The brain is divided into three parts, namely the forebrain, midbrain and the hindbrain. Telencephalon is the anterior part of the forebrain and contains the left and the right cerebral hemispheres(Freberg, 2009). The main divisions of the telencephalon are the cerebral cortex, which is made up of gray matter, the hippocampus, the amygdala, the olfactory bulb and the basal ganglia.
Primary functions of each division
Each division of the telencephalon has a number of functions as listed below.
Cerebral Cortex
This is the outer covering of the cerebral hemispheres that has a wrinkled appearance which provides enough surface area for cortical cells(Freberg, 2009). The cortex is responsible for processing information
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It is responsible for the secretion of hormones and processing of emotional responses. In addition, it deals with storage of memories, that is, determining which memories are stored and where those memories are stored.Other functions include autonomic responses as a result of fear and in initiating arousal. It forms part of the limbic system.
Olfactory Bulb
It forms the end part of the olfactory cortex and is an extension of the ventral surface of the brain (Freberg, 2009). It is responsible for receiving and processing information concerning smell. It is connected to the amygdala and enables the brain to form memories based on smells. It forms part of the limbic system.
The Basal Ganglia
These are a group of neurons found in cerebral hemispheresconsisting of input nuclei, output nuclei and intrinsic nuclei (Steiner & Tseng, 2010). The input nuclei receives signals and the output signal sends the signals to the part of the brain that processses the signals. They are responsible for voluntary movement and cognitive functions. In addition, the basal ganglia are associated with processing emotions. The basal ganglia ensure that involuntary movements are avoided and enable voluntary movements. Through these, the motor cortex is able process information concerned with
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Each half performs specific functions(Brodal, 2016) and has a dominance over the other. However, the two hemispheres have similar structures despite their different functions. The concept of lateralised function has been used by scientists to explain the difference between men and women in terms of language and spatial abilities. The lateral asymmetry is usually attributed to the cerebral asymmetry of the brain whereby each hemisphere performs a different function.There are two distinct functional lateralisation of the brain cerebral hemisphere(Gotts, Jo, Wallace, Saad, Cox, & Martina, 2013). The right hemisphere is responsible for processing visual-spatial attention whereas the left hemisphere is associated with language and movement. For example, the left hemisphere is responsible for analytical and logical thinking while the right hemisphere is responsible for spatial abilities and understanding of complex patterns by human
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