Teleological Argument Research Paper

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The teleological argument to me is what makes God’s existence real because of the design of our world and the creation of the living things. Who else could have created the earth and all the living things around us? It couldn’t be the humans; because it brings us back to the question on how were humans created? Everything has a starting point, and this starting point happens to be an intelligent designer who created the universe. A man can create such things as electronics, statues and buildings but can’t design the world and all the living things. Teleological argument is the argument for God’s existence based on the evidence of design in the world
(Lawhead 327). It is also known as the argument from design, it is the idea that our world and the universe is so complicated to understand that the world was no accident in fact it was designed by someone, but who? Growing up in a catholic church and learning from the bible about how everything first started is how I learned that God does exist. William Paley was another person who had a famous version of the watchmaker argument. He has an analogy that I will later explain in this essay to support the teleological argument. The teleological argument is the easiest to
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Paley argues that everything has a purpose of being here and without the purpose how else could it exist. With his analogy of the watch he discovered that the watch had to have a designer, and that designer was to be a watchmaker, who designed the watch to have a purpose of telling time. So if the watch had a designer, then the universe had to have a designer as well. It is clear that no human could have created or designed the universe but it is clear that there is an intelligent designer behind its existence. The teleological argument is the most reasonable explanation of God’s existence based on the purpose of the universe that was
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