Telephone: The Five Components Of The Telephone

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Telephone or fixed phone is communication device that can connect two users to make a conversation when they are in different places. Alexander Graham Bell is an inventor of the telephone, he found something that can help the other since he was 24 years old, before finally finding the telephone when he was 29 years old. Alexander Graham Bell get a patent on the electric telephone on March 7, 1876 by United States Patent and Trademark Office ( USPTO ). Telephone looks like a complicated machine, but actually telephone the simples device that exist in our homes. To be able to connect one user ( in telecommunication we called subscriber ) to another, this devices requires a network, commonly called a communication network. The communication network is a system that is designed to carry telecommunications traffic from various telecommunication resources. Communication networks typically consist of links, nodes, and traffic. Links represent cable or transmission equipment, node represent switch/central of telephone/exchange and traffic represent many telephone communication traffic.
As I said before, telephone is the simplest device that exist in our house. It only requires at least 5 components in order to work properly. There are speaker, microphone, keypad, hook switch and ringer. At this paragraph we will discuss it one by one. Let’s start with speaker.
1. Speaker
There are 2 type of speaker, one way speaker and two way speaker. One way speaker also known as

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