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Natural teeth should be saved only if they can be made comfortably functional or if they can, in a modified state, contribute to the function of the masticatory system. In the latter instance, natural teeth may be useful in support of complete dentures since many residual ridges are poor recipients for either complete or implant dentures. In these instances, the use of the telescopic denture may be indicated.1
According to GPT 8, a telescopic overdenture is a removable partial denture or complete denture that covers and rests on one or more remaining natural teeth, theroots of natural teeth, and/or dental implants; a prosthesis thatcovers and is partially supported by natural teeth, natural toothroots, and/or dental implants—also called overlay denture, overlayprosthesis, superimposed prosthesis.Telescopic dentures consist of an inner or primary telescopic coping which is
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These copings protect the abutment from dental caries and thermal irritations and also provide retention and stabilization of the secondary coping. The secondary coping engages the primary copings to form a telescopic unit and it provides retention and stability to the prosthesis.2,3
Telescopic dentures do not preclude the use of removable partial dentures where indicated. Selection is based on the nature of the support of denture-bearing areas and stability of remaining teeth. Through a combination of passive ridge support and full-coverage retainers placed on the remaining natural teeth, the telescopic denture is constructed.4-7 The teeth act as stabilizers and do not provide retention for the denture.The teeth prevent lateral displacement of the

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