Television Advantages And Disadvantages Essay

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The industry of television has been innovative through the years. It contributes a big impact to the Filipino people especially students. Despite this, it swallows the mind of the Grade 7 and 10 students at school. This leads to affect their studies and sometimes not able to graduate. Some people may find watching television enjoyable but most of them are not aware of the pessimistic circumstances that it will bring to their lives. According to Ifham Khan (2013), there are a lot of hindrances on watching television. He said that television is the most time consuming device and it’s very hard to avoid or lessen this and the another problem of television is on children/students, parents do not care what their children are watching and that affects on their child studies on which students waste their time in front of television for hours and that really affects on their Academic results. He also…show more content…
Rendering of what Scot (2005) said that one of the disadvantages of watching TV are some of the companies use if for sex. TV films and programs, and that of course cause a lot of problems. Another statement about television is that the first information source for a lot of people, and that make them away from the first really clean source, the books. On the same research of Tuilumba Simon, declared that most of the 7 to 17 years old children fail to differentiate between wrong and right which they watch from television. They adopt any action associated with violence, especially whose a violent actor is not criticized for his/ her behavior. They spent more time watching television than they have in the classroom while television can entertain, inform and give the youth company, it may also influence them in undesirable ways was stated on (AACAP,
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