Television Advertisement In Consumer Socialization

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Role of Television Advertisement on Children Consumer Socialization:

Kids play a prominent role in the decision making of a family as they are the cynosure in the family. Moreover, the changing demographic factors, the rise in the number of single parents, dual career families and the delay in marrying and having children have brought lots of influencing power into the hands of small kids and teenagers. Parents do not think twice in yielding or submitting to the demands and wishes of their kids, because of their rising affluence or the impact of nuclear families. Hence, kids and teenagers have bigger role to play in the decision making of the family in certain categories of products, if not all. The product categories in which kids have a
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It plays vital role children acquiring knowledge about products, brands, advertising, pricing, decision making skills, attitude, shopping and parental influence. In other words, television plays a detrimental role in the consumer socialization of children by making them well informed and knowledgeable consumers to deal with tough and complex business interactions in the dynamic business environment. Though, there has been a lot of academic debate regarding the positive or harmful impact of television on the children, but it cannot be denied that the modern day children are very much “television literate”. (The term ‘television literacy’ has been coined by Shaffer (2005).) Children below the age of 8 or 9 will be unable to decipher and understand whatever they see in the television advertisement but they may remember and identify few things case by case. For example, children will be much attracted to loud music, cartoon characters, funny voices and believe that whatever they watch on television is real and not fictional. On the other hand, children above the age of 8 will understand that the programmes telecasted in television are fictional and this knowledge of differentiating the fiction from the reality increases with the age.

Children understanding of Advertisement on Television
Sl. No Age of the Children Understanding
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(Bhosale and Gupta 2006). Though, initially the impact of television on children and teenagers was seen with lots of doubt and cynicism (Abelman 2004), but in recent years television is considered as educational tool for the children and teenagers. (Troseth, Saylor & Archer 2006). Television being seen as a tool of education in the modern times, has been contributing for the growth of cognitive skills amongst the children and teenagers especially related with consumption such as attitude, values, behaviour etc. (Barlett, Griffiths & Barding 2008). Television as a medium of consumer socialization influences the social, emotional, psychological and physical development of children and teenagers through the verbal and visual messages as well as cues. (Sotirovic 2005). Many informational and educational programmes telecasted in the television will influence the children and teenagers to adopt certain social norms, values and principles. (Anderson et al
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