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Advertising is the non-personal communication of the information usually paid for and persuasive in nature about products, services or ideas by identified sponsors through the various media. The advertiser intends to spread his ideas about the products and offerings among the prospects. Popularization of the products is thus, the basic aim of advertising. The majority of the marketers use mass media for their marketing communications. The choice of media is dependent upon the nature of the message and the intended target audience. Television advertising is the bestselling and economical media ever invented. It has a potential advertising impact unmatched by any other media. The advantage of television over the other
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Sometimes 31 59.80%
Never 9 18.60%
Always 10 21.60% INTERPRETATION: People watch advertisement but never rely on the advertisement. About 79% said that they are rational in their purchasing decision and never or sometimes disappoint them in delivery gap.
8.What is your reaction when you see or hear ad on TV ?

INTERPRETATION: Majority(40 %) of the respondent said that they enjoyed the ad if the content of the ad and delivery of the ad is good, they never swap the channel.

9.Which Kind of TV commercials usually attracts you?

INTERPRETATION: 28 of the respondents said that they like advertisements with Celebrity Endorsement and 10 of the respondents said that they like advts with humour and jingles. So the marketers should do more of the advertisements involving celebrities.
10.Which of the following components influence you most in the commercial ad?

Content 18 34%
Background 5 9%
Punchline 10 19%
Models 10 19%

INTERPRETATION: People like TV commercial/ad with punch line and models Ad. 34 % of the respondent said they liked the commercial with the content.

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6. According to you which is most effective means of advertisement *
Mark only one oval.
TV Ad Radio Ad Print Ad Internet Ad
Mobile Ad Direct Mail
7. How much time do you spend on watching TV (daily)? * 1hour or less 1 to 2 hour 2 to 3 hour 3 or more hour

8. It is easy for the TV commercials to convince you to buy certain products.
Please note, here 1 -strongly disagree 2 -disagree 3- neutral 4- agree 5- strongly agree
Mark only one oval.
1 2 3 4 5

9. TV Commercials influenced me into buying new product.
Please note, here 1 -strongly disagree 2 -disagree 3- neutral 4- agree 5- strongly agree
Mark only one oval. 1 2 3 4 5

10. Did a Product with good TV Commercial, but poor quality of the product/service ever disappoints you?
Mark only one oval. o Sometimes o Never o Always
11. What is your reaction when you see or hear ad on TV *
Mark only one oval. o Swap the
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