Television Affects Society

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How Movies and Television Shows Affect Perceptions in Society As time goes on and society begins to develop in various different ways, there are more movies and television shows that come out to reflect the different ideas and expectations people may have about certain stereotypes. There are films that are aimed to be more satirical and to poke fun at certain mindsets people may have, and there are films that are more serious and try to impact the audience in a more emotionally gripping way. There are movies and television shows that portray different types of racism and discrimination, whether it be towards different cultures, different races, different social classes, or even the mental illnesses or disabilities other people may have. There are also portrayals of domestic or war violence in some films, and there are eve sometimes different layers of issues touched in one movie or television show, such as gender equality, religion, or sexual orientation. Movies and television shows are rarely ever just for the sole purpose of entertainment; they try to get their message across to the audience in whatever way they can. Screenwriters and directors of these films have different methods and techniques to draw out whatever specific responses they want to see from their audience, and sometimes they can hold more impact than people originally believe. These films have become such a large part in today 's society that not everybody quite realizes just how much of an influence they
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