Television And Broadcast Journalist: Edward R. Murrow

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Edward R. Murrow was a broadcast journalist that lived from 1908 to 1965. Murrow was born in North Carolina and grew up in Washington state. Once graduated from high school, Murrow went to Washington State University and studied political science. Edward R. Murrow has had more impact on American society and culture than any other person in history for the three following reasons, Murrow started the broadcast journalism industry, he was the eyes and ears of the world during WWII, and he allowed people to see McCarthy for who he actually was. Edward R. Murrow made a huge difference in the television and broadcast journalism industry as a television host. See It Now was a show about the news and important things happening all over the world. It was the first television show that was about the news and important things going on. Murrow traveled everywhere to film all of these events so that the people of America could see what was happening in the world. Everyone would tune in each week to hear what topic Murrow was to talk about. Many newsmen after Edward R. Murrow tried to match his writing style.…show more content…
The group got the name “Murrow’s Boys” and they bravely reported the entire WWII from the front lines for they were encouraged by Murrow’s own fearlessness. For See It Now, Murrow flew in over 20 bombing missions over Berlin so the American people could watch and feel as though they were there as well. If See It Now wasn’t a show or if Edward R. Murrow wasn’t the host, the American people would have been blind to the world and evets happening around them. With Murrow’s help WWII was alive in each families living room and they were part of the
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