Television And Television: The History Of Television In Malaysia

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Technology is very common in our society today. The brisk advancement and the operation of technology begin during the era called Industrial Revolution (1780-1850) that had revolutionized our society from what was then recognized as “agrarian society” to what is now recognized as “industrialized/ post-industrialized” society (Bell, 1973). Television was created in the early 1900s to entertain viewers (Sharuddin, 2011). Now, it is a medium for news, advertising, politics, education and much more. Broadcast media has a huge audience. Until 1963, radio was the only broadcasting system in Malaysia. Malaysian television broadcasting was first brought to this country on 28 December 1963 (Wahab, 2006). It was a single network broadcasted in black and white and was recognized as Rangkaian Pertama (The First Chanel). The Malaysian government decided to seek assistance from Canada to supervise the new medium because of the lack of local expertise (Karthigesu, 1990). Six years later, in the late 1969, the launching of Rangkaian Dua (The Second Chanel) took place. It provided information, entertainment, as well as educational programs for the viewers. It was combined with the already advanced radio broadcasting service under the Department of Broadcasting (Radio-Television Malaysia) (Sulaiman, 1992). Both state-run channels were used as a way to aid the dominant ideology and policies of the ruling elite which remain to this day. Both these channels are now known as TV1 and TV2 (Wahab,
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