Television By Roald Dahl Analysis

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Television and its harms on children
The question that many Muslims have in minds is whether watching television is Haram. The Messenger of Allah SAW said “The severest punished on the Day of Qiyamaah will be the picture makers” but is it the same for the ones who only watch the pictures? In this article, a poem on television, pros and cons of watching television by young children and Islamic perspectives on watching television will be evaluated.
First and foremost, the poem is “Television” written by Roald Dahl. It discusses Dahl’s take on what the big black box of idiot also known as television does to the mind of young children. In this poem, the lines are straightforward and easy to understand. He encourages the children to turn off the television, go out and experience life the way they used to, based on creativity instead of depending on the television. It is an important poem to show the children just how valuable literature is.
The poet talks about the vitality of books in the lives of the children and how this enthusiasm for books has been replaced with the addiction for the television. Dahl stresses how important reading is to children, the word READ is capitalized every time it is mentioned. The poem is meant to be humorous but carries an important message on the side effect of technology itself on young children.
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No one can deny the great effects it has on society. It is almost impossible to see a house without a television set. Watching the television has both pros and cons. The advantages are you can gain more new knowledge at tip of your finger. It is only a click away to turn on the television and gain new insights. It is the easiest source of entertainment, people can get new things going around the world when they tune in to the news. They will also get to learn a bunch of new stuff on flora and fauna from channels like Discovery and Animal
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