Television By Robert Dahl Analysis

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Robert Dahl’s Television is a poem which concerns on the effects of television for children nowadays. He mainly argued about how bad television is for kids and it hinders their imagination, in which parents need to be more alert on its long term consequences. Dahl also highlighted on the importance of reading and literature in a child’s life as both will influence their cognitive ability when they grow up. Relating with this poem, few advantages and disadvantages on children watching television will also be discussed upon with their respective evidences from previous and current studies of this activity. Besides, Islamic points of view will also be centred as what does this activity stands in our society today. Starting with the first part of the poem, the poet stresses on the greatest lesson that most people learnt today, which is not to let the…show more content…
The concern of kids watching too much television is of course have its own consequences but we must acknowledge that there is some advantages that children can gain from watching television. Children can transfer their learning and knowledge gain from watching television to daily activities and it also helps to increase their attention on something of their interest. Consequences of watching television however needed to be noted as it can decline the health condition among children, increase of violence acts and can cause to brain retardation. In Islamic perspective, television and other forms of interactive media are not completely forbidden, but the content of it should be altered to suit what is allowed according to Islam. Only goodness and truth should be delivered to the audiences and any content that can harm the children’s mind should be forbidden. It is our responsibility to shape today’s generation into righteous models of man to ensure a better life in the
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