Cultivation Theory In The 1950's

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INTRODUCTION The emergence and accessibility of TV in the late 1950’s / early 1960’s was the single biggest development in media and mass communications since the emergence of radio broadcast. Disruptive technology, like TV, has dramatic impact on societies around the world. Television is a world onto itself. Cultivation theory is generally perceived to examine the long terms effects of television on the viewers perception of the reality in the society in which they live. The theory itself has evolved since Gerbner’s conception of cultivation analysis in 1960s. It has been critically assessed by theorists including Potter, Hersch and ZXXXXX, however many of their observations have enriched the approach in the application and evolution…show more content…
(SAGE) ORIGINS Prior to the emergence of Cultivation Theory, the dominant theories/research governing mass communications were based on tactical interventions focused on selling a particular message for insitutions(1…S & M) The research offered the view that the output from the communication process was defined in terms of ‘effects’ or short-term changes. The then common understanding was that these ‘changes’ were in direct response to tailored, specific, targeted messages. This was seen as applicable across the political, economic, commercial and social spectrum. Through his concept of Cultivation, “Grebner attempted to devise a new broad based approach to the study of mass communications, one that focused on the process of mass communications itself. ’( S&MORGAN) Grebner defined communication as ‘interaction through messages’ Grebner noted that ‘ the cultural transformation of our time stems from the extension of the industrial technology revolution into the sphere of message production’. He noted that the combination of mass production and rapid distribution of messages would have significant impacts and consequences for the quality of life, for the cultivation of human tendencies and outlooks. . **** Gerbner was concerned with the long term…show more content…
Exaggerated perceptions of violence and the overrepresentation of police activity and lawyers on TV proved to skew how heavy viewers see the real world. For example, when asked about the number of people in society working in law enforcement heavy viewers believed 5% (TV answer) as opposed to light viewers who believed only 1%(closer to the real-world figure) were involved. A similar pattern in attitudes was obtained when looking at perceptions of violence and the trustworthy nature of people in society. In both cases, heavy viewers proved to have a more correlated understanding of the world around them with the view that was presented by the TV world. The findings of this early cultivation research were significant for future studies as it provided a framework and basis for further expansion of the theory. Cultivation theory is extremely diverse in it’s application. The diverse scope of social issues at which cultivation analysis can be applied In relation to it’s application when examining attitudes towards social issues *****where it is applied/significant. genre specific cultivation **** NB for development of ca as theory Violence
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